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The Working Group on DWI System Improvements is comprised of practitioners from each of the criminal justice sectors (enforcement, prosecution, sanctioning, and supervision/treatment). In addition, there are three researchers from TIRF. The members of the Working Group represent the core professionals involved in the justice system and have demonstrated a commitment to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the DWI system.


Research and Policy

Robyn D. Robertson
President and CEO
Traffic Injury Research Foundation



T/Sgt. Doug Paquette
Division Traffic Services
New York State Police

Leonard R. Jacob
Former Director
Institute of Police Technology and Management

Master Sgt. Johnny Poulos
Director, Public Affairs Division
Mississippi Highway Patrol

Assistant Commissioner Warren Stanley
California Highway Patrol


Honorable Michael R. McAdam
Kansas City Municipal Court, Missouri
American Judges Association

Paul L. Biderman
National Association of State Judicial Educators

Greg Hurley
Senior Knowledge Management Analyst
National Center for State Courts

Honorable Harvey Hoffman
Eaton County, District Court, Michigan
National Judicial College

Judge J. Michael Kavanaugh
Senior Director
National Center for DWI Courts


Joanne E. Thomka
Director, National Traffic Law Center
National District Attorneys Association

Tom Kimball
Assistant District Attorney
Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference

Cregor Datig
Assistant District Attorney
Riverside County District Attorney's Office

Supervision and Treatment

Carl Wicklund
Executive Director
American Probation and Parole Association, KY

Drew Molloy
Chief Deputy Director
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Dr. Jane Maxwell
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Social Work Research
The University of Texas at Austin

Tom Roy
Commissioner of Corrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections